An Update… About Cupdate!

Many people state that the cups and balls is the oldest trick in the world… true!  Just as many also state that there’s nothing new in the cups and balls, this however is an untruth!

My own routine uses 2 brand new sleights / sequences which were created out of necessity because there wasn’t anything like them in existence.  This, in turn, sent me on a quest to improve many other existing sleights, moves and feints.


I have been covering these in my lecture “Eclectic” for the last year however, in a few days time we start filming the first of 2 DVD’s.  Entitled “Cupdate” (see what I did there!) they will feature these sleights, moves and sequences (and their applications) as well as a couple of bonus sections too such as the correct way to care for copper cups, stripping patina in a safe way and my secret method of slicking cups for much improved handling.

Keep watching this blog for “Cupdates” on our progress!