The Watson Cups in Polished Copper

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The Watson Cups

Mirror Polished Copper, with balls & Bag with bespoke toggles.



The Watson cups have been designed from the ground up and from thousands of performances to improve all your cups and balls routines, sleights and moves!  Weighing in a 1lb of polished copper, these looks beautiful, feel amazing to work with and handle like butter!

The Watson cups were specifically designed by Brian Watson as a true workers cup, not only improving you existing handling but also many of the new sleights and moves Brian has created (featured in his Anytime, Anywhere cups & Balls double DVD and his Cupdate series 1&2) work with most newer style of cups, however Bri has designed these cups to work perfectly.

Stealing balls from the saddle, Bri’s no sleight 3 ball appearance, the Watson Revolution etc. all work perfectly and these cups handle like butter out of the bag.  Beautifully weighted and balanced and crafted out of a copper, they handle as easily as a small set of cups even though they will take 3 x 1 1/8″ (1″ core with 1/8″ jacket) balls on the saddle and in the attic and a tennis ball size final load!



14 reviews for The Watson Cups in Polished Copper

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Paul Craven

    I’m probably too old to use a word like ‘Amazeballs’ so I’ll stick with more traditional language… and start by saying that Brian’s Cups are extraordinary.

    Their quality and craftsmanship shine through immediately on first view, and they handle so incredibly beautifully. These cups are both objects d’art and a worker’s dream.

    I would only add that Brian has designed them almost like an optical illusion. There appears no way that they could possibly hide a final load the size of a tennis ball. But they do indeed – and every time a tennis ball appears, I find myself giggling inside because I can’t quite believe it myself!

    Fabulous work, Brian. Thank you so very much for sharing your skill and genius with us ordinary mortals!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Harry (verified owner)

    I received the Anytime-anywhere polished copper cups Thursday AM (28 July) and tore into the box right away. I think the postal clerks were surprised when I did an impromptu cups and balls routine using them (and Irv Winer’s routine) on one of the tables in the room (used my watch, wallet, ring of keys as final loads.

    Let me say that these are nice handling mid-size cups. They are elegant looking and fit my small-ish hands nicely. I find the weight perfect given that hey were made from pretty thick copper. The outdoor street, festival, and fair performer will have no worry about them being blown off a table. The shape follows the now classical Paul Fox rounded design. Making the final load look impossibly large when sitting on the saddle of the cup. They take a Lacrosse or Tennis ball as a final load with ease. Three one-inch working balls will sit on the saddle with ease (if your routine calls for three).

    They are proportioned appealingly with a nice aesthetic.

    By comparison they are more similar to the old Owen Magic Supreme cups than any other I’ve owned. They are a bit taller by

    The cup was specifically designed for Brian’s brilliant “Anytime-Anywhere Cups and Balls”. Brian included the two DVD of the routine with the cups to the first few purchasers (lucky for me I’d say). I have walked through the routine several times now and find it superb. It has one of the best 0-3-0 sequences I’ve seen (and clearly better than I currently perform) and has a number of unique magical moments. I would say that as a routine it is unique. It is a worker and brings the “oldest trick in magic” into a modern age with a more modern pacing and rhythm. The psychology is well thought out and clearly explained.

    I can attest that the cups are designed to facilitate all the moves of the routine. Getting the cups with the routine makes for a nice package deal.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom Pilling (verified owner)

    If you are passionate about the cups and balls, then chances are you will already know about Brian Watson. Brian’s commitment to that classic of magic is almost unparalleled; I first came across his website several years ago, when researching my first combo set. Brian’s review of the Mendoza cups was sufficient to convince me, and that is the combo set I use to this day.

    More recently, although I was forced to miss the workshop, Brian’s ‘Anytime Anywhere’ cups and balls piece, exquisitely routined, caused me to fundamentally rethink my approach, and I have stolen liberally from it! The opening production alone is worth the price of admission.

    Brian’s track record as a producer of magic is excellent. He has a pedigree of producing not only working material, but many of his items are also aesthetically beautiful: the ‘Bewitching Sticks’, of which I own three sets, the Cybershells, the Sim Stones; all of these are both delightful to look at and wonderful to handle. Form and function both play an equal role in Brian’s creative process, and that is why I am always confident when ordering from his shop.

    I was genuinely very excited at the prospect of Brian Watson cups; the man has so much knowledge and the chops to match. He is hugely passionate about the cups and balls, to the point of obsession, and he is a wonderful, painstaking designer. My expectations were very high indeed.

    The cups are really beautiful, in fact they are the most attractive I own. I have Sherwoods, the aforementioned Mendozas, JDG cups, and a few other sets, including the cheap and much loved Davenports set which began my own obsession. All these cups are pleasing in their own way, but none of them possess the simple elegance of the Watsons. The single bead, the smooth, perfectly proportioned curve towards the saddle: and what is most wonderful, they look like cups. That may sound like sophistry, but I look between the Watsons and my cherished copper Sherwoods, and the latter seem, well, a bit fussy by comparison.

    They are a perfect weight, for me, with the whole set weighing about a pound. They handle as you’d expect, and moves like the roll back practically perform themselves. You can feel wholly confident that there isn’t a sleight that Watson hasn’t considered when designing these cups.

    But we all know that the killer moment in any cups and balls routine is the ending, the production of the final loads. Knowing as I do that Brian favours tennis balls, I was surprised on first examination. Surely these cups won’t take a tennis ball? Or so I thought. As my kids would put it, ‘Boom!’

    I can only conclude that Brian Watson is actually part Time Lord, as these cups seem to have a Tardis like quality. It is rare when one’s high expectations are fully met, but this is rarer still, in that my expectations were actually exceeded by the reality.

    I look forward to using these cups for many years to come, and recommend you get a set, you won’t be disappointed. If I were Brian Watson, I’d charge more for these cups, but he’s a nicer guy, so grab them while they’re hot!


  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Matkin (verified owner)

    Recently I have had to start performing seated and Brian’s cups are perfect for those using a smaller “holding area”! I now use that special something that is mentioned in his Anytime Anywhere Cups and Balls DVD and it clips right on to my wheelchair (and it’s not going to cost you a small fortune like a leather pouch will).

    Brian’s cups are fantastic, they feel and handle great, the look amazing and the quality is simply superb, the final load size is good (a standard tennis ball) and I think they are very deceptive. The cups do not look large enough to hold a tennis ball and certainly not three balls whilst nested – yet they do.

    The price is another story, I almost think that the price is too low. I really do think that they are a bargain! I am not surprised that the first run sold out as quickly as it did. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. Oh and they came with a bag and a set of working balls (which is an amazing too considering the price of the set!).

    I have not yet watched all of the cupdate DVDs but when Bri lectured at Derby Magic Circle last year I knew that I had to get them along with his Anytime Anywhere cups and balls DVD. The whole package is great and his new moves are so elegant and deceptive. His teaching is second to none and entertaining as well. I really do believe that the cups and the DVDs should be higher price- no really I do!

    I cannot recommend the cups and the DVDs enough. Well worth the investment! Nice one Brian!

    11/10 (yes they go all the way up to 11!)

    David “wheels” Matkin
    stRolling magician
    Wheelie good magic, terrible jokes.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was more than thrilled when I learned that Brian Watson had decided to design and produce a set of cups for those who love the ‘oldest trick in the book.’

    Knowing Brian, how he thinks, and his unwavering attention to detail in all the props he offers, I immediately placed my order and waited in excited anticipation for one of the first sets made. Can’t say that I have ever been more pleased with any magic purchase. These are absolutely stunning and feel incredible in hand. Beautifully turned and the workmanship is certainly top notch.

    Shipping from the UK took only a few days. The cups were very well packaged in an oversized box with bubble wrap and tissue paper protecting them. They came with a set of 1” crochet working balls and a very nice black, custom bag. It is my understanding that later sets will ship with bags that have carved pewter tassels of a hand holding a cup on the end of each draw string. A wonderful touch indeed that speaks again to Brian’s attention to detail. Since the first sets shipped without this embellishment, Mr. Watson generously included a copy of his brilliant, Anytime Anywhere Cups & Balls DVD. This routine is quite the worker and it is clear to me that these cups were born of Brian’s desire to have the perfect tools with which to perform his showpiece. The Watson cups make the necessary moves nearly effortless and speak volumes to Brian’s constant search for perfection.

    For the sake of comparison where weight and height are concerned, I took two of my favorite sets from my collection and measured them side by side with the Watson Cups. The sets I chose to compare are the RNT2 Polished Copper Mendoza Cups and the Bret Sherwood Smooth Copper set. Like the Watson’s, these are both polished sets made in thick copper that take tennis ball sized final loads.

    All three sets are in the ‘ideal weight range’ by my estimation. Neither of them are exceptionally heavy yet all three are certainly substantial enough to evoke a certain confidence and the hand feel that such quality props bring to the table. The Mendoza’s are the heaviest of the three at approximately 7 ounces per cup. The Sherwood’s are next at around 6.5 ounces per cup, while the Watson cups are a bit over 5 ounces each. In hand I found it difficult to feel a notable weight difference between my sets of Sherwood and Watson Cups. The Watsons feel the most balanced of the three to me. I think this is because their weight feels more centered and evenly distributed. The Sherwood cup feels heavier at the mouth bead, while the Mendoza’s are decidedly heavier toward the saddle, likely due to the fact that they are combo cups.

    Where height is concerned, the Mendoza set is the tallest at 3” per cup and 6.5” for the nested set. The Watson cups are next at just under 3” and approximately 6.25” nested. The Sherwood cups are just under 3” as well per cup and are approximately 1/32” shorter per cup than the Watson Cups. The Sherwood set stands nested at 6.125”. The difference in height between the Watson and Sherwood cups is nominal until stacked at which point the Watson set is about 1/8” taller.

    As stated earlier, the Watson Cups take a tennis ball final load. They offer enough attic space to comfortably nest with three 1” working balls. Designed with a single shoulder bead, they have a very clean and pleasing silhouette and a long skirt which may in some way contribute to the fact that they so perfectly demonstrate the illusion that the final loads are larger than the cups themselves when displayed on the saddle. The saddle is deep, well formed, and will easily display three 1 inch balls together. The mouth bead is round, full, and in good proportion to the shoulder bead. It is well formed and closes tightly against the skirt. These cups just feel ‘right.’ They nest tightly together with very little play when stacked. With a slight flick of the finger the cups roll completely back coming to rest with the mouth facing the performer. This is one of the first things I do when initially handling a set of cups to gauge their balance. The Watson Cups handle admirably in every way and the overall shape and design are of the highest quality.

    With a collection of more than 50 sets of cups, I can emphatically state that the Watson Cups are my new favorites hands down. Absolutely lovely in every way and worth far more than the 175 pound asking price.

    Highly recommended!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charlie Burgess

    The Watson Cups are a dream. They handle beautifully, take a good load, look lovely and catch attention. I learnt Cups & Balls from Brian, both in person and via his extremely easy to follow DVD and booklet. He is a brilliant designer and great teacher – and a lovely man (that’s enough of that, Ed)

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Simpson (verified owner)

    I bought Brian’s cups to learn the routine with and boy am I glad that I did. Never having performed the cups and balls previously, I was a little apprehensive initially. However, the cups handle smoothly and I am absolutely positive that it wouldn’t have been half as quick for me to work up a routine without them. When you buy a set, I equate it to taking your driving test in a Ferrari. Devastatingly elegant, beautifully smooth and a wonderful finish.
    The DVD is simplicity personified, Brian takes you through the nuances in a clear and easy to understand way. The extra”cupdate” DVDs are also worth investing in too.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony (verified owner)

    My name is William Anthony Smith I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, I am a amateur magician. I own 10 sets of cups. My favourite’s were the Phoenix and the Monti cups I purchased two years ago.

    I got the Anytime Anywhere Cups Balls Dvd’s for Christmas. As I was practising this routine I kept seeing that everybody loved Brian’s cups so much.

    Brian’s dvds are awesome and deceptive. I was never able to do the final ever in my life. Thus I bought his cups. I have Hunington’s chorea a serious disability and all the cups I own were rounded off because I dropped them.

    These cups are made so well, they are the toughest and the best made cups! I have owned these cups and balls since Monday they are in perfect shape. They have a perfect weight and balance. as I played them today I just in awe the size mystifies me.

    I thought like other cups to take a tennis ball size load they would have to be bigger. My medium sized fits everything perfectly. These cups make me able to hold small ball in side and also to hold these balls to inside greatly as well, I am able to enjoy these cups for a lifetime. These cups are awesome… I will never own or buy another set of cups and balls ever again.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gary Middleton

    I fell in love with these beautiful cups at the 2017 Blackpool magic convention,as i walked past Brian’s stand they caught me eye,i had seen them online before and just thought another set of cups,boy was i wrong when i picked one up to reveal a tennis ball final load i was sold.

    The quality of these cups is superb,the weight is perfect,it has rekindled my interest in the cups and balls again and for that i thank you Brian.

    If you are sitting on the fence deciding if you need these cups in your life,my answer is yes just buy them and thank Brian yourself.

    Brilliant customer service and a top of the range product.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    joro.jon (verified owner)

    “So Perfectly Perfect, these Cups are Annoyingly Perfect – I’m an ecstatic convert!”

    I’ve been looking for ‘that special, perfect’ set of cups for years and have handled most of the big price ‘wannabes’. I stumbled on the Brian Watson website via a friend and read through, watched the videos, gazed at the images and then
    did it all again. After weeks and a lot of further research, I took the plunge and my cups arrived with a service level second to none.

    These cups are incredible – and when I say incredible, I mean incredible. The quality and care of the workmanship, the beauty and durability of the finish and above all the design. These cups are an illusion in their own right and when you reveal a tennis ball size final load the effect is simply breathtaking and unbelievable.

    On top of it all (literally) is the nature of the cups design in terms of allowing 3 balls to sit on the saddle securely. They also fit perfectly within the cup without disturbing the cups when nested together and the weight of the Cups
    and the diameter of the aperture give you everything you need when handling them.

    I would normally say that any prop can be critiqued with at least one negative and if I were to state one negative criticism it would be that for the The Brian Watson Cups… I can’t find one…

    …And it’s annoyingly delightful to simply accept that!!

    Many, many thanks Brian for your service and workmanship – I am more than a ‘happy Cupper’, I’m an ecstatic one!

    Jon Robinson

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Geoff Smith (verified owner)

    What can I say that has not already been said?
    I recently purchased these absolutely beautiful cups. They are a nice weight and handle superbly, deceptively large final load space taking a full size tennis ball 🎾 easily! Really well made and have a clear ‘ring’ when tapped.
    Attention to detail and quality oozes from these stunning cups. The Pewter toggles on the bags draw cord are a real talking point before you even bring the cups out.
    Absolutely Fantastic. These are the best Magic props I have ever bought.
    If you conjour with the Cups you need a set of these. These are hot!
    A real bargain at £185.00 & a true investment.
    5**** + Thank you Brian

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike P

    I wanted a set of these the first time I saw them advertised. I waited until now to get them and cod not be happier. I own many sets of cups and have been a profesional and amateur magician for 43 years.
    This set handles well, looks great and are on par with many cups from the past. They have a great weight for doing many moves. They are balanced well too. They stack loose enough to not be a problem.
    If you want a great set of cups that take a tennis ball sized load, these are great cups for it.
    Thank you Brian for a quality magic product.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael Stehle (verified owner)

    i got the watson cups yesterday…they are really made with passion…. these are not only cups these are workers ! for me it is the missing size of cups…they handle perfect, i love them and hardly can wait to get a great patina😀

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    VAN DAMME MARC (verified owner)

    the watson cups are a dream. i”m verry happy the are the perfect cups and balls

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